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Meet the friendly staff at Benessere Animal Hospital!

  • Janine Oliver
    Dr. Oliver (clients and coworkers call her Dr. O) is thrilled to work with the dedicated veterinary health care

    team at Benessere Animal Hospital. She has considered North Carolina her home since 1997, earned a bachelors degree in 1987 in Physical Therapy from East Carolina University and then graduated with her D.V.M. from the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. After graduating, Dr. Oliver began her full-time veterinary career working as an alternative and general medicine associate at a small animal practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. While doing this, she also worked part-time as a veterinary nutrition resident at North Carolina State University until 2011. Dr. Oliver decided to become a veterinarian because she is passionate about preventing animals from pain and suffering, particularly because of the physical challenges that many older and disabled pets face. Even though she enjoys seeing many different pets every day, she is in pain management, veterinary nutrition, soft tissue surgery, exotics, stem cell therapy, and geriatrics. There are several different professional associations that Dr. Oliver is a member of, including AAHA, AVMA, AAFP, NCVMA, AAVN, AAHA, and IVAPM. She also supports three local charities, The Haley Graves Foundation, Break The Chain Kennel KRU, and Bingo Pet Hospice. Dr. Oliver lives in Greensboro, North Carolina and shares her home with her beloved cats and dogs. Dr. Oliver feels very fortunate to work with the professional team at Benessere Animal Hospital and to serve all of the wonderful patients and pet parents who come into our hospital.

  • Crystal Bennett
    Veterinary technician supervisor

    Crystal started working as a volunteer at an animal hospital when she was
    13 years old. She quickly learned that she loved working with animals and
    her heart pulled her back everyday to take care of the for 3 years. She
    loved thewm so much that she worked after school 5 days a week without pay.
    When she turned 16, she was trained to be a veterinary assistant and a dog
    groomer. Now 25 years later, she is still doing the job that her heart
    tells her to do; taking care of the four legged babies every day. She has 2
    dogs and 1 cat: Daisy a 9 year old lab mix and Ellie a 4 year old pointer
    mix and Pumpkin a 16 year old orange tabby. She is excited to be a part of
    Benessere adding her years of knowledge and gentleness.

  • Tracey Gardner
    Client services manager and certified rabies vaccinator

    Client services manager and certified rabies vaccinator
    Tracey has worked in the veterinary field for 26 years. She started working
    in kennels and then worked as a veterinary assistant for 15 years. She has
    been a client services rep/receptionist for the past 10 years. She enjoys
    her job and is happy to be part of the team at Benessere animal hospital
    where she says she finally found a veterinarian that truly cares for
    animals and their owners in Dr. Oliver. She has a great husband and
    wonderful son, Chase, who actually joined her at work off and on since
    birth. She and her family recently adopted the sweetest addition to their
    family, 'Bratie', their pitt bull puppy who was one of Hazel's puppies, a
    Benessere animal hospital rescue!

  • Hemmingway
    Chief Feline in Residence
    Hemmingway was rescued from certain death by Dr. Oliver when she adopted her out of the Guildford County Animal Shelter. She gets her name from the fact that she is polydactyl- meaning many toed. This is a genetic trait that a colony of cats in Key West at the Earnest Hemmingway House share. At Benessere Animal Hospital it is Hemmingways job to make sure that we operate to the highest feline friendly practice standards. She is tirelessly testing each and everyone of us every day to make sure that we meet her standards. We are all proud to say that we pass muster every day!
  • Zorro
    Hospital Food &Comfort Quality Control & now angel watching over us.
    Zorro was truly our Master Blaster. He could always be found attached to Dr. Oliver in some fashion directing her to his every whim. He never met gourmet food he didn't like. He was a big fan of the ladies and any male dog who understood that Zorro was in charge. He expected to never be left at home and demanded to be the center of attention. He was basically a BOSS and he knew it. 1/20/2000 - 11/9/2015. Sadly on Monday November 9, 2015 Zorro left this world. His mind and body could not go on, but we know his spirit is forever with us. Dr. O is heartbroken and wrote 'Rest in peace my dear sweet Zorro. You gave me so much more in your unconditional love and loyalty than I could ever give to you. You taught me so much about being a veterinarian and how to give comfort to others than I could ever learn from a book. You were the best judge of character and if I had always been smart enough to listen to you I would have had fewer problems but you loved me flaws mistakes and all no matter what. My heart is broken saying good bye to you. I hope you feast at the never ending buffet of your dreams.'
  • Carlie Kissell
    Kennel Technician

    Carlie has loved animals since as lomg as she can remember.She is always
    willing to volunteer her time and resources to help any animal in need. She
    has volunteered her time at the Greensboro animal shelter. The veterinary
    experience is exactly what she has been looking for to take her passion to
    thd next step. She loves working as a kennel tech. and has really enjoyed
    getting to know all of the clients and the pets that stay with us.

  • Briana Tucker
    Veterinary Technician

    Briana is a Baltimore,MD native who has lived in North Carolina for the
    past 10 years. She has wanted to work with animals since she was a little
    girl, but has a special place in her heart for dogs. Briana has worked with
    dogs, cats, goats, pigs, cows, and also hampsters, rats, and guinea pigs.
    She recently graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a
    bachelors degree in Animal Science. She is grateful and excited for the
    opportunity to work with the staff and learn from Dr. Oliver as she
    prepares to take the next step to one day opening her own Veterinary

  • Erica Lane
    Veterinary Assistant

    Erika has been working in veterinary medicine since 2011. She particularly
    enjoys the chance to work with rescues that being at Benessere has given
    her. In her off time, she enjoys reading, gaming, and spending time with
    her dog, Spike.

  • Jessica Soules
    Veterinary receptionist

    Her passion is with animals. She loves helping them, seeing them grow, and
    have a healthy and very happy life. She would love to be a veterinary
    technician some day. She has 4 dogs that mean the world to her. She enjoys
    fostering dogs when she can and would love to oopen a rescue one day to
    help animals who need it.

  • Lisa Winslow
    Veterinary Assistant, Trainer, and Fit Paws Instructor

    Lisa is a Dog Trainer and Vet Assistant for Benessere Animal Hospital.
    While training dogs has been a passion of hers since a young age, it was
    the inspiration of one of her own pups that moved her to turn this passion
    into a full time business. Her mission is to take the goals of her clients
    and make them a reality, all the while creating a stronger bond between
    human and dog. she has learned through years of experience with both
    clients and her own 3 dogs that there is nothing more rewarding than
    working side by side with animals and humans to meet a common goal. It is
    what she was born to do!

  • Patrick Oliver

    Patrick Oliver is Benessere Animal Hospital's experience and caring pet groomer. For more information on grooming services or to schedule an appointment for pet grooming services, contact Patrick directly at (919) 619-7051.

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Feedback from our clients

  • "Dr. Oliver is amazing! So gentle & kind. She really cares about the well being of each animal!
    Provides excellent treatment & care information! I have found my baby boys new dr!"
    Laci VanDell
  • "Dr. Oliver is very knowledgeable and she & her team really
    care about your pet!"
    Heather Stanley
  • "Dr. Oliver & her staff are simply the best! They take such
    good care of our little Jasmine!
    We are very fortunate & count our blessings!"
    Aysim Wisco