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Spaying and Neutering Service from Our Greensboro Veterinarian

Most pet owners know if they want their pet to reproduce someday. If you do, then you’ll surely take precautions to ensure your pet is at their healthiest before they get pregnant and go through labor.

If you don’t plan on letting your pet reproduce, it’s best to not take any chances. By bringing your pet to our Greensboro veterinarian for spay/neuter surgery and care, you know your pet will be safe and sound.

spay and neuter surgery from our veterinarian in greensboro

What Is Spay/Neuter Surgery?

Spay/neuter surgeries, although often lumped together, are actually two separate procedures.

There’s neutering, which is for male cats and dogs. This takes out the testicles. Then there’s spaying, the surgery for female cats and dogs. With this procedure, the vet will take out the ovaries and sometimes the fallopian tubes.

If a pet weighs at least two pounds and they’re otherwise healthy, pet owners only have to wait eight weeks for their pet to undergo either of these surgeries. If your pet is older than eight weeks, you can get them spayed/neutered right away (again, as long as they’re in good health).

These surgeries are very standard and have been done on millions of pets across the country. Expect less than an hour for the spaying surgery and sometimes half that for neutering (the shorter timeframe is between two and five minutes). Pets are anesthetized before both procedures.

What to Expect after the Surgery?

Your pet will be awake in about an hour and can likely go back home with you the same day. You may notice some complications and side effects, such as slight bleeding, swollen skin, and inflamed skin. These are all relatively normal and nothing to worry about, but that said, you should make sure your pet does not bite at or lick the incision area.

The risk of complications and side effects does decrease the younger a pet is when they get spayed/neutered, so that’s something to consider.

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If you’re looking for a Greensboro veterinarian for spay/neuter surgery, come see us at Benessere Integrative Veterinary Medicine. We specialize in caring for your pet. Here’s an overview of our services:

• Grooming, boarding, bathing, and other spa care

• Chiropractic care, therapeutic massages, nutraceuticals, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and other integrative therapies

• Dental services, digital x-rays, anesthesia, and other surgery and internal medicine

• Preventative care, microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, and wellness exams

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