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Pet Vaccinations From Our Greensboro Veterinarian

A healthy pet requires proper preventative treatments and care. When you work with a Greensboro veterinarian, we recommend vaccinations to prevent complications with your pet's health and well-being. The specific vaccinations we recommend depend on the concerns you express, your lifestyle and the standards set by the local and state laws.

pet vaccinations from our greensboro veterinarian

Core Vaccinations

Core vaccinations refer to the required vaccines for any dog or cat. When you seek veterinary service for your pet, we set up a schedule for the core vaccines based on the age of your pet and their current health.

The core vaccines for dogs include:

• Canine parvovirus

• Canine distemper

• Canine hepatitis

• Rabies

Every dog must obtain the core vaccines to keep up with state and local laws. We recommend vaccinating a dog during their early life to limit the risks to their health over a lifetime.

Core vaccines for your cat include:

• Feline distemper

• Rabies

• Feline herpes virus

• Feline calicivirus

The goal of core vaccinations is limiting the risks to your pet as well as preventing the spread of the diseases to other cats. By working with a veterinarian and obtaining the right vaccines, you ensure that your pet has a low risk of contracting a sickness.

Optional Vaccines

Optional vaccines are not required by law; however, we do recommend additional vaccinations in certain situations. We may recommend a vaccine for Lyme's Disease when you take a dog out camping or hiking with the family. We may also recommend a vaccine against a kennel cough when you keep your pet in a kennel during your vacations.

The vaccines we recommend for your pet depends on your lifestyle. We evaluate the risks to your pet's health and then suggest different options based on the possibility of exposure to common health concerns.

Call Our Greensboro Veterinarian Today!

You want to talk to a vet about vaccinations when you want to provide proper care for your pet. The vaccines we recommend vary based on your pet's health and age, so we may suggest waiting for certain vaccines. Generally, we recommend visiting a Greensboro veterinarian when you bring a pet into your home or when a kitten or puppy reaches 6 to 8 weeks old.

Vaccinations are an essential part of keeping your pets healthy and active. When you have concerns about a pet's well-being or when you want to prevent complications with their health, a veterinarian helps with your goals. To learn more about our vaccination service or to set up an appointment in our clinic, call (336) 897-1505 today.

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